Replace Your Glass for a Great Deal

Replace Your Glass for a Great Deal

Choose our affordable windshield replacement in Newton, NC

If you need a windshield replacement in Newton, NC, lean on a team of professionals to install a new sheet of glass in your vehicle. Trust H & W Body Works, Inc. for the job. Our expert repairmen offer speedy and economical replacement solutions.

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What we consider before we replace windshields

Windshield fractures can be hard to determine if they should be repaired or replaced. Let H & W Body Works, Inc. fix your vehicle properly while saving you money.

Some questions to consider for windshield replacement include:

  • How large is the crack?
  • Where is the crack located?
  • How deep does the crack run?
  • Is it clean or shattered damage?
Typically, if a crack can be felt all the way through the glass, or if it’s larger than the palm of your hand, it must be replaced.

Still aren’t sure? Call H & W Body Works, Inc. today to get a professional opinion about windshield replacement in Newton, NC.